Message from the Academic Head

Education is a chiselling experience. Education helps an individual to chisel out all the protruding parts, endowing one with the collaborative faculties. In this process of developing these collaborative skills, one attains success in life, one begins to live a meaningful life, spreading positive influence on others. This is a transcending experience. And a holistic education helps one attain this transcending experience. We generally tend to consider transcendence and success as a winning syndrome. Life is not a question of winning and losing but rather living it joyfully and meaningfully. Life becomes meaningful and joyful, provided one attempts to improve and develop oneself. This improvement and development should not be in comparison with others but rather with oneself. In brief, life should be an ongoing endeavour to improve oneself in comparison with one’s past performance. A holistic education initiates a person to be in the right perspective to attain transcendence through this chiselling and pruning experience.

L’ecole Chempaka International rooted in its vision of Chempaka Way provides the platform to nurture one to become a better human being. It is Indian in Ethos, Global in Outlook. This infusion between the British Curriculum and Indian culture prepares our wards for a fruitful and enriching life journey through the Cambridge Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE and AS/A Level Curriculum. At LCI, what we have are opportunities to better oneself, be it in the classroom, in co-curricular activities, in the LCIMUN sessions or the unique School Day events where each and every child participates, showcasing the natural gifts they are endowed with.

The alumni of LCI enrolled in various Universities in India and abroad vouches for this holistic achievement. Welcome to LCI for a life-long educational journey.

Sanu Joseph
Academic Head, Cambridge Programmes
L’école Chempaka International School