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What better way to take off, on the idea of the school than, on that of the simple but altruistic idea of a flower! A thing of beauty is a joy forever and add to it the sublime of classic antiquity and you have the perfect idea of the school.



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Welcome to

L'école Chempaka
International School, Kochi

L’école Chempaka International- the school where pastoral care and well- being go hand in hand.

We follow an indigenous model of education- the Chempaka Way, enhancing skills, inculcating positive attitude, sharing values, connecting hearts, minds and future of the students. The passionate learners are enlightened to challenge their limits to achieve their best for the 21st century.

Our individualized curriculum is rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest educational innovation and research that are equipped for success in the modern world.

Our Kindergarten (Play Group, LKG and UKG) is a place of joy, where each and every chempakaite is valued and given opportunity to discover and develop his/her talent and enrich their communication skills. Quality learning provided for them makes life at Chempaka meaningful and exciting. Our students learn to embrace the culture and heritage of different countries and are moulded to go out into the world with confidence and create a positive impact.

Our Facilitators guide students on a holistic journey of learning and growth, ensuring that education aligns with the Chempaka Way's principles and values.

Together we create a nurturing environment where curiosity thrives and dreams take flight, soaring future leaders.


Empower every student with confidence and courage to awaken a role model and be a leader in love and service.


Achieving Social Grace by providing an environment where students, parents, teachers and administration (Chempakaites) work together as a nurturing community that lays emphasis on intellectual and emotional growth, in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential empowering students to become future leaders who possess qualities of wisdom, valour, loyalty and integrity focusing on developing visionary, expressive and confident individuals with sensitivity and concern for the less fortunate, the environment, diversity, communal harmony, human rights and democratic values.


Every Chempakaite is expected to take with them Eco-Values


The Chempaka Way

When children are allowed to be children
Learning happens naturally

When systems and rules are in place, but not to curb
Learning happens freely

When nature is the most important teacher
Learning has value

When the surroundings are aesthetic, lively and stimulating
Learning happens creatively

When the thrust is on values and awareness
True Learning begins

When it’s how well you study, not how much you study
Learning becomes meaningful

When culture and heritage are honoured and imbibed
Learning becomes timeless

When the adult’s role is to guide and facilitate
Learning becomes fun

When theatre and arts become a part of life
Learning happens through expression

When a scientific outlook is cultivated
Learning happens through inquiry

When the humanistic spirit is encouraged
Learning happens through compassion

When there is a dynamic atmosphere of innovation and research
Learning never ends

When physical, mental and spiritual growth happen together
Learning has completeness

When we realise that it’s not just about how much we provide, but how well we are able to facilitate true learning
Learning happens ‘The Chempaka Way’.

Message from
The Chairman

My philosophy of education is deeply grounded in humanity. Who are we; what do we have to offer the world and why do we need education? The answer to these most fundamental of questions is precisely why there must be an Athena in the world.

As a founder of Athena, it is therefore my strong belief that this is why social grace is of such great importance. In order to achieve peace and happiness in society, we must give learning independence to the child. Every child is a pool of talent. Every child is an individual. When we understand these talents and work with these talents then social grace will come to the classroom.

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My twin kids had an amazing experience in their KG year at Lecole Chempaka. As parents, we were impressed with the school's nurturing environment and commitment to providing high-quality education. The teachers were patient, engaging, and truly cared about our children's development. Our kids looked forward to going to school every day and loved learning through play-based activities.

We also appreciated the school's emphasis on building social skills and character development in addition to academic learning. We are confident that our kids are well-prepared for their future academic and personal success.

Adarsh Sudarshan

I am so grateful and pleased because of the nurturing environment that L’école Chempaka International has provided. The caring staff and the thoughtful curriculum which enable my kid to achieve a bright future.

Mizlul Kumar

Administrative Office

L'école Chempaka International, Vallathol - Pukkattupady Road, Near Suburban Club, Vallathol Junction, Thrikkakara P.O. Kochi - 682021, Kerala
Ph: +919349336166

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