Our History

Founded in 2011 by Mr. Vernon Gomez and Dr. Daphne Gomez, L’école Chempaka International [IN721] has become the household name for the quality international education. Since its inception, it has been Indian in Ethos, Global in outlook with the holistic aims to encourage International understanding and to support modern curriculum development, to set standards which are recognized worldwide by encouraging good and innovative modes of teaching and to enable the students to become confident and well informed in a modern technological world.

Everything is in constant flux except change and Chempaka family with its deep roots in the Chempaka Way welcomes changes positively. With its takeover in August 2019 by Athena Education, LCI scaled greater heights in all aspects.

Athena Education

Originating from the UAE city of Dubai, Athena Education is a young, progressive education brand dedicated to preparing growing minds for the modern world. Mr. V N P Raj, the founder and Managing Director of Athena Education, whose philosophy of education deeply grounded in humanity will be the guiding light of Chempaka family henceforth.

Athena Education is driven by the purpose to bring social grace to the world through quality learning. When the individual needs of freedom of expression; freedom of thought and freedom to realize one’s true potential are met in the classroom, we ultimately produce an innovative modern society governed by happiness; harmony and peace. We recognize that it is the questioning mind that is the catalyst for creativity, innovation and improvement in human society.